Crisis Management Masters

Financial Crisis

Crisis Management Masters has been considered as best International Crisis Management consultant. Any company can fall victim to a convergence of financial pressures that simultaneously and unexpectedly arise despite management’s best efforts.

Companies on shaky financial footing before the recession are quietly struggling to stay afloat, while some have already dissolved. Even some prominent and ‘stable’ companies are having financial difficulties in this turbulent market.  We are there to help them out of such crisis.

The loss of a key client and a few key partners can cause revenues to decline and overhead expenses per consultant to increase, thereby dramatically depressing net profits. Occupancy costs related to excessive office space can substantially drain firm profits. Bank debt borrowed to finance leasehold improvements for new office space may become a drag on cash flow if consultant headcount declines instead of increasing, as originally planned.

A compensation system that rewards unproductive behavior may convince partners who are contributing to the company’s success to leave for a firm that will fairly compensate them for the value they deliver. When several of these factors occur simultaneously, any company can experience severe financial distress. Once partners begin to lose confidence in the firm, there may be a domino effect of key partners leaving, per-partner expenses rising, profits declining, and more partners leaving — ultimately threatening the firm’s survival.

We have  successfully helped a number of firms forestall an impending ‘death spiral,’ assisted many financially struggling firms to restructure their operations to increase net profits, and has counseled hundreds of companies on how to maximize their profitability.