Crisis Management Masters

Legal Crisis

A seasoned crisis advisor can help identify the components of a crisis, assess various potential outcomes of legal crisis, help preparing a communication plan to ensure that critical stakeholders receive accurate information in a timely manner, sequence and handle threats, develop a strategic plan for managing and resolving the legal crisis, and help the legal crisis client team to keep the business running.

At Crisis Management Masters, we have a number of highly effective crisis advisors with experience helping clients address complex, high-risk situations. These managers are able to call on other lawyers specialize in a wide range of fields to help address the specific threats at issue. We are well suited to help prepare and counsel client executives, in-house counsel, and board members through complex and evolving legal and regulatory challenges. We strive to assist our clients to emerge from crises as quickly as possible with minimum financial, reputational, and political harm.

Our legal crisis team approach focuses on the following:

  • Working on the factors that reduces the side effects of Legal crisis.
  • Developing strategies for sequencing and resolving all crisis components in a way that minimizes disruption to, and relationships with, constituents.
  • Thinking ahead to identify likely areas of risk and to plan risk-mitigation or risk-elimination strategies
  • Maximizing the consistency of legal or factual positions in multiple ongoing proceedings.
  • Coordinating multiple teams for efficiency and to minimize duplication of effort through such means as maintaining unified document and research database.