Crisis Management Masters

Trade Crisis

We address all aspects of the matter—the issues, regulatory and inspector general investigations, civil litigation, media and investor scrutiny and Crisis Management Masters has been considered as one of the best International crisis Management consultants.

We are known for highly regarded team work with extensive experience handling trade matters in a broad range of sectors. Routinely undertakes substantial anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations. We are also skilled at taking on safeguards, customs and sanctions-related work. We are experienced in handling trade remedy matters for major international companies and governments.

We are the legal service based representation in international trade law matters, especially anti-dumping and countervailing investigations and related legal proceedings, customs related advisory, sanctions and safeguard measures.

Our extensive experienced and unparalleled record in representing major international companies and government clients in trade remedy and border-related cases.

We are noteworthy for many national or international based clients in rules-based matters, and US national corporations and multinationals in customs and border advisory.